Atinuke: You're amazing Anna Hibiscus!

Date: Sunday March 25th
Venue: dlr LexIcon Level 4
Time: 2pm
Cost: €8 Adult €6 Child
Age: Family event

Meet African storyteller Atinuke and learn all about Anna Hibiscus, who lives in Nigeria with her large family, including her twin brothers Double and Trouble. This time the two boys are permanently getting themselves into trouble and in Atinuke's You’re Amazing, Anna Hibiscus!, the final book of the series,  Anna spends her time trying to prove how extraordinary she is.  

Atinuke was born in Nigeria and grew up in Lagos – the third biggest city in the world! Atinuke always wanted to be an author, but it was children in the UK asking her what it was like to live in Africa that eventually got her writing books, now all her stories are set in her African homeland. Anna Hibiscus made it into Time Out New York’s 70 Best Kids’ Books of all Time for Families. This event is great for… Exploring life in Africa. 

Atinuke was born in Nigeria to a Nigerian university lecturer father and an English editor mother.   When she was ten she was sent to boarding school in England. This was something she wanted very much (due to reading far too much Enid Blyton). 
Luckily it was only three years before her parents moved to England with her sisters and brand new baby brother and she was able to leave boarding school and embark on a new adventure with her siblings at the local comprehensive school. Her father went back to Nigeria after only a year and she joined him in the school holidays.  After a gap year in Paris, she went to the University of York in the north of England to study English, French and Commonwealth Literatures. She started collecting stories and performing them all over the world, focussing on stories from Africa and the African diaspora.   In 2005 an illness stopped her from travelling long enough to write the first "Anna Hibiscus" stories  "Anna Hibiscus" was quickly followed by "The No.1 Car Spotter" which she wrote for (and with) her own sons.   She lives in a tiny cabin on a rocky, boggy mountainside overlooking the sea. She is still collecting and telling stories writing book after book at a table in her kitchen-living room (or in her car when the noise drives me crazy) and the boys patiently listen to draft after draft.

Children must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.