Masterclass with Alice McDermott

Date: Saturday March 24th
Venue: dlr LexIcon
Time: 1pm
Cost: €30
Age: Adult

Join guest novelist Alice McDermott
 for a practical and thought–provoking masterclass, involving both writing
 and the discussion of writing. Alice has created some memorable and distinctive characters, including Marie in Someone, Annie and Sally in The Ninth Hour, Billy in Charming Billy. Her strength lies in her ability, without ever putting on literary airs, to reveal to us what's distinct
 about characters who don't have the ego or eloquence to make a case for themselves as being anything special. 


• Creating characters: Learn from Alice's experience in developing vivid characters in your own writing.
• Developing your idea: learn how to build your idea into something that has narrative momentum. 
• The secrets of writing great dialogue. 

Masterclass & Workshops application process  

As places are limited, applications will be prioritised from early career writers and those who have been published. 

If you wish to participate in 
a masterclass or workshop, please submit a short resume and one piece that you 
have written, along with an accompanying note explaining how participation in this masterclass or workshop will benefit you. 

Please email the above to to apply for a place.