Now we can talk openly about Everything

Martina Evans with Rosemary Jenkinson

Date: Saturday March 30th
Venue: dlr LexIcon Lab, Level 3
Time: 10:30am
Cost: €15 €12
Age: Adult

Martina Evans’ latest collection Now We Can Talk Openly About Men comes in two parts, dramatic monologues touching on the Irish War of Independence and the Civil War from a woman’s perspective. There are two voices: a dressmaker on laudanum and a stenographer in love with a young revolutionary. The women reflect with humour on how actions taken in their youth lead to betrayal. Martina Evans is ‘a subtle, challenging writer with a wonderfully destructive approach to the pieties she describes.’ (John McAuliffe, Irish Times). 

Joining Martina will be Rosemary Jenkinson whose short story collection Catholic Boy was described by Mia Gallagher as “cunningly seductive, by turns raucous, wry and tender. A gifted storyteller, Jenkinson leavens even her darkest materials with biting, effervescent wit – while never breaking faith with the small, shabby realities of her endearing cast of liars, rogues, sex-addicts and former World Champion snooker players.” 

This discussion will be chaired by Paula Shields.