Mountains to Sea dlr Book Festival
Mountains to Sea dlr Book Festival
Mountains to Sea dlr Book Festival

Writing Workshop
with Mike McCormack

The Bones of Fiction

Date: Saturday March 25th
Venue: dlr LexIcon
Time: 2.30pm
Cost: €25 (max. 25 participants)
Age: Adults

All stories belong to people or, as we say in fiction writing, characters. But how do we find and develop these characters? How do they take on a credible life of their own so that the reader can empathise with them? What kind of story arc enables a character to best develop as a living, breathing presence? How do these characters change and grow across the length and breadth of a novel or a short story? And when it comes to the end, how do we recognise the end, when do we know that a story is over?

These are some of the issues that will be explored in this workshop. Reading and writing exercises will delve into how we can bring our characters to the surface of our work. A range of compositional experiments will be attempted and revision techniques will be explored. It is hoped that participants will come away with an enhanced range of ideas and experimental techniques that will further their own writing projects.

Mike McCormack is an award-winning novelist and short story writer from Mayo. His previous work includes Getting it in the Head (1995), Notes from a Coma (2005), and Forensic Songs (2012). In 1996 he was awarded the Rooney Prize for Irish Literature and in 2016 his latest novel Solar Bones won The Goldsmiths Prize and the Book of the Year at the Irish Book Awards.

Mike McCormack