Mountains to Sea dlr Book Festival
Mountains to Sea dlr Book Festival
Mountains to Sea dlr Book Festival

Minds Of Winter


Chaired by Joe O'Farrell

Date: Sunday March 26th
Venue: Pavilion Theatre
Time: 1.30pm
Cost: €10 / €8 Concession
Age: Adults

What's the difference between fact-based non-fiction books about the history of Polar exploration and the creative imagination of the fiction writer delving into the same subject? This intriguing question will be discussed by the novelist, Ed O'Loughlin and Polar historian Michael Smith and the proceedings will be chaired by Joe O'Farrell, a respected devotee and lecturer on the history of Polar history.

Ed O'Loughlin's new book, Minds of Winter, moves between a frozen present and an ever-thawing past, and from the minds of two present-day wanderers to the lives of some of Polar history's most enigmatic figures, including Franklin, Crozier and Amundsen.

Michael Smith's popular books on Tom Crean (An Unsung Hero), Ernest Shackleton (Shackleton – By Endurance We Conquer) and others have helped shed light on a largely overlooked chapter in Irish history. And the story of Tom Crean now forms part of the curriculum in Irish schools.