The State of India

BBC journalist Kavita Puri with Nikesh Shukla

Date: Saturday March 28th
Venue: dlr LexIcon, Level 4
Time: 12:30pm
Cost: €15 / €12
Age: Adult

100 years ago this year the Government of Ireland Act established our own border with Northern Ireland whilst in other parts of the world, the establishment of borders gave rise to the displacement of millions of people and the division of vast swathes of territory. One such border is the subject of BBC journalist Kavita Puri’s Partition Voices: Untold British Stories. As Britain left India, the partition of the country created Pakistan, splitting the country into two, producing division between Hindu, Muslim and Sikh and displacing twelve million people.
We are delighted to welcome Kavita Puri to Mountains to Sea for a discussion with writer and author of The Good Immigrant, in which she will recount some of the first-hand accounts of those who lived through partition, drawing on the breath-taking tapestry of human experience, extraordinary journeys and daring rescue missions that reverberate with pain, loss and compassion.

Kavita Puri works in BBC Current Affairs and is an award-winning TV executive producer and radio broadcaster. Her landmark three-part series Partition Voices for BBC Radio 4 won the Royal Historical Society's Radio and Podcast Award and its overall Public History Prize. Her critically acclaimed Radio 4 series, Three Pounds in My Pocket, charts the social history of British South Asians from the post-war years. She is currently making the third series. She worked for many years at Newsnight and studied Law at Cambridge University.

Nikesh Shukla is a writer. His debut novel, Coconut Unlimited, was published by Quartet Books and shortlisted for the Costa First Novel Award 2010, described as 'a riot of cringeworthy moments made real by Shukla's beautifully observed characters and riots talent for teen banter'. In 2011 he co-wrote an essay about the London for Random House with Kieran Yates, Generation Vexed: What the Riots Don't Tell Us About Our Nation's Youth. His second novel, Meatspace, is ‘like Douglas Coupland's Generation X,' according to the Guardian, 'this novel captures a cultural moment.' Nikesh is the editor of the essay collection, The Good Immigrant, where 21 British writers of colour discuss race and immigration in the UK. He has written for the Guardian, Esquire, Buzzfeed, Vice and BBC 2. He has, in the past, been writer in residence for BBC Asian Network and Royal Festival Hall. In 2014 he co-wrote Two Dosas, an award-winning short film starring Himesh Patel. He currently hosts The Subaltern podcast, an anti-panel discussion featuring conversations with writers about writing. Guests have included Zadie Smith, Junot Diaz, Teju Cole, James Salter, George Saunders, Jennifer Egan, Evie Wyld, Sam Bain, Alex Preston, Colson Whitehead and more. He also co-hosts a podcast with sci-fi writer James Smythe; Meat Up, Hulk Out.

L: Kavita Puri R: Nikesh Shukla