The Summer Isles: A Voyage of The Imagination

With Philip Marsden and poet Nell Regan

Date: Sunday March 29th
Venue: dlr LexIcon, Level 4
Time: 2:30pm
Cost: €15 / €12
Age: Adult

Travel writer Philip Marsden’s wonderful new book, The Summer Isles: A Voyage of the Imagination, gives an unforgettable account of the search for actual places, invented places, and those places in between that shape the lives of individuals and entire nations. Sharing with us his experience of sailing the Atlantic seaboard, he sets sail from his home in Cornwall, for the Summer Isles, a small archipelago near the top of Scotland that holds for him a deep and personal significance. On the way, he must navigate the west coast of Ireland and the Inner Hebrides. It is a mythical frontier as rich in story as anywhere on earth. Through the people he meets and the tales he uncovers, Marsden builds up a haunting picture of these shores - of imaginary islands and the Celtic otherworld, of the ageless draw of the West, of the life of the sea and perennial loss - and the redemptive power of the imagination.